No Knead Bread

So this bread recipe has been going around for a year or two in Paris and I’ve always wanted to try it. I decided to share it with the other side of the world Aka New York. Results are insane and the recipe is very very easy. I know you all make bread, everyone makes…

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Garlic roasted fish

I remember making this dish for years. It’s one of those dishes that stays in your family for decades. The first time I made it I think I was 13 and then it became my favorite roasted fish recipe. I like to pair this fish with garlic green beans and roasted potatoes, its goes perfect…

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French Fruit Tarts

I’ve spent years trying to make the perfect french fresh fruit tarts. The crust wasn’t sweet nor crispy. Or the almond cream was too strong and dense. There was also the pastry cream, I always messed up the pastry cream. After a few times making tarts, the pastry cream was really easy. And for the…

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Croquets Citron

What can I say, there are so many recipes for biscotti/croquets I decided to share my gramdmother’s recipe for lemon croquets. They are so good and addicting. Although, they are simple they are still my favorite cookies for coffee or tea. They are actually the only cookies that I would dip into my coffee so…

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Apple and Almond Cream Crostata

I’ve been wanting to make a good crostata (galette) for a while now, so I decided to come up with one on my own. I love apple tarts and crostatas are so easy to make, so I decided to combine the both. I made this recipe at my mother in laws and she didn’t have…

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Hazelnut Moon Cookies

I tasted these in Paris. My mother in law would make these cookies all the time. They are addicting. If you like Hazelnuts (filberts) and hard cookies to have in the morning (or all day),then you are going to be addicted to these cookies. I made them five times already and finished the cookies all…

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Bouillabaisse with Homemade Baguette

Every time I would go to my sister I would ask her to make Bouillabaisse, it is just so good. Bouillabaisse is a fish stew originating from the city of Marseille, France. My sister does it differently, my sister is Jerbian (Tunisian) so anything she makes is extra spicy. Every time we eat by her,…

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Veal Chop with Shallot and Mushroom Sauce

I haven’t had veal in a long time, so I decided to buy veal chops for dinner. Veal isn’t something I am obsessed about but enjoy it occasionally. There is this one restaurant in Paris called Mike’s Delice that served veal and it was really good. I would always go there when I would shop…

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