About Me

My name is Leah Badach, I am a 22 years old and a stay at home mom of a beautiful princess. Although I was born in Brookly, NY, I was raised in Paris, France. Paris brought to me many things but one important one was the passion for food. I was about 12 when my interest for food and pastries developed. When I was 16 I moved back to America and decided I wanted to go to culinary school so I joined CKCA (The Center for Kosher Culinary Arts). I went to both pastry and culinary programs and received my diplomas in both. I was so excited about my new adventure as pastry and culinary chef but I didn’t have enough knowledge about the rest of the world. I decided to take my GED and go to college to learn more about the business world. Things got complicated when I got engaged in my second year of college to a french man. I never dropped out of college though, in fact I just kept traveling back and forth to visit my fiancee. I got married in June 2012, and moved to France , continued one semester there, but then decided to move to the US together with my husband. I continued college here, discovered the news that I was pregnant, gave birth to a beautiful princess and finally received my BA in Economics. I am now a Stay at home mom and decided to fulfill my dream of writing a food blog.

My passion for food will become yours.