Bouillabaisse with Homemade Baguette

Every time I would go to my sister I would ask her to make Bouillabaisse, it is just so good. Bouillabaisse is a fish stew originating from the city of Marseille, France. My sister does it differently, my sister is Jerbian (Tunisian) so anything she makes is extra spicy. Every time we eat by her, our mouths are on fire but her food is so addicting we just keep eating. I decided to go to a fish market, and I got Chilean sea bass , sole, and turbot. I was making homemade baguette and asked my sister for her recipe because I had to have bouillabaisse with the fish I bought, and also so I can dip my baguette in the sauce.

Yield: 2  Time: 25 Minutes
Two pieces of sea bass
Two turbot fillets
Two sole fillets
One tbsp of olive oil
One jalapeño halved and sliced
One tomato peeled and diced
One onion diced
One tsp of cayenne pepper
One Tbsp of tomato paste
One garlic clove peeled
Two potatoes quartered ( lengthwise) and sliced
Salt and pepper
1/2 to 1 cup of water


Step one:
Heat the olive oil in a pan, fry the onion and jalapeño until the onion is golden brown, then add the cayenne pepper and stir to give it flavor. Add the tomato paste, tomatoes, garlic clove, salt and pepper and the water ( The secret is to not put a lot of water and let the fish have its water come out to give it flavor).

IMG_5965 IMG_5969 IMG_5972

Step two:
When the tomatoes are cooked and there is a sauce,  add the fish and the potatoes. Bring it to a boil and then simmer for 15-20 minutes ( or until the potatoes are cooked). Bouillabaisse actually means to boil and then to lower the flame ( Bouille means boil, Baisse means to lower,simmer). That is how the people from the city of  Marseille, France would cook their fish stew and ended up calling it Bouillabaisse.

IMG_5975 IMG_4191 IMG_4200 IMG_4202 IMG_4204

I cannot even begin to tell you how flavorful and good this dish is. My husband does not like spicy but he finished his plate before me. The fish melts in your mouth. You need baguette for this dish because what is better than dipping crispy rustic baguette into Bouillabaisse. Enjoy!


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